Jérôme Lapostolet
Software Engineer - Computer Scientist - Financial Engineer


Professional Experience

  • TransferWise

    6-month Internship in Product Engineering.

    Member of one of the product engineering team in TransferWise office in Tallinn.

    TransferWise's website.

  • Morgan Stanley

    6-month Technology Summer Analyst programme.

    I reshaped part of the UI of an OTC products confirmation system from C# to a web-based one using the common pattern HTML/CSS and AngularJS. It also implied building a REST server in Java with the Spring framework.

    Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst Programme.

  • Nsigma

    Android Developer - Part time project.

    I took part in a mission to help a client improve an existing Android application. During short “sprints”, I delivered several features to improve the UX and helped make the architecture more efficient and scalable.

    Nsigmas website.


  • Exchange semester at NUS

    Exchange Semester at National University of Singapore (NUS).

    • CS3211 - Parallel and Concurrent Progamming
    • CS3235 - Computer Security
    • QF3101 - Investment Instruments: Theory and Computation
    • IS3240 - Economics of E-Business

  • Grenoble INP - Ensimag

    French "Grande École" providing engineering education. Degree comparable to a Master of Science.

    • Computer Science
      (Object Oriented Programming, Algorithmic, Data mining, ...)
    • Financial Engineering
      (Financial theory, Financial markets, Corporate finance, ...)
  • Lycée du Parc

    Intensive preparation program for the nationwide highly competitive examinations leading to the French Grandes Écoles.

    • Mathematics
    • Physics

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